Who We Are

At Every Life Works, we are creating a group of SUSTAINABLE microbusinesses to train and employ young adults with autism to generate wealth through ownership and working side by side with neurotypical adults.

Autism is a very prevalent neurological disorder that impacts all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups. With a very high rate of unemployment amongst working age adults with autism, it is clear that our current employment practices are not working.

So, why not try something different? Why not create employment for all young adults by creating micro businesses for those with autism, and then recruit and train young adults without autism to function in that environment; we are not creating just one business; we will create an ecosystem of business so that all have the opportunity to learn many skills.

We are forming teams with people with and without autism that complements their diverse skills set, training them side-by-side AND accommodating the autism related behavioral issues. Our training occurs at our non profit LEARNING CENTER.

To make these businesses sustainable, we analyze the market, identify our customers, listen to our clientele and our employees, and in the end, deliver quality products just like you would do for any business you create.

So far, we have created three income generating microbusinesses where we have put this model to test; two service based businesses SCREEN PRINTING OF APPAREL and electronic sub-assembly, and one product based business for USABLE ART. These are both revenue generating for the young adults.

Come join us to make this journey successful for all young adults! We have an untapped workforce; we can generate wealth for them and reduce the burden on taxpayers, AND create satisfying and productive lives for these adults with autism. We should be all in it together!!!

Thank you!!

Our Inspiration

Joshua is a 26-year-old adult who was diagnosed with autism at birth. Joshua was educated in the Howard County Public School System. Joshua inspired us to create an organization for him and young adults like him to work together and train them on a variety of sustainable life and job skills. He has taught us that he can learn; he likes being around others; he enjoys life; and he has ups and downs just like we all do. The pictures below show his jovial participation in life events.

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